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Water Problems?

Quality drilling, skilled repair

Experienced technicians perform everything from routine maintenance to complete drilling efforts to keep access to your water consistent. At Haefner Drilling LLC, our family keeps your family safe.

- Rotary cable drilling

- Tool drilling

- Water treatment

- Complete pump systems

- Water softening units

- Expert analysis

- Emergency services

Our services include:

If you've noticed problems with your well, your water has been filled with silt, or is hard, or you need to flush your system, our team is on your side.


Take advantage of a FREE expert analysis of your system and FREE estimate of services if repairs are needed. Learn more about the mechanics of your water system today.

Is your current set-up working?

Your water problems solved quickly  and efficiently






Their service was incredibly quick; they had all of the well pump parts I needed with them. They were knowledgeable

and explained my well issues with me, and they were

very personable

- Jan Hamilton-Sota

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